A large crowd of fans once again gathered at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion for the 3rd Annual Rise Above Fest in Bangor. A lot of people are under the misconception that this is a tour. It's not, it's a one day deal put together by Shaun from Seether. Shaun tragically lost his brother to suicide years back and he decided he wanted to raise awareness and spread the word that there is help available. Read more about the foundation here.

Big thanks to CYY promo girl Megan who was on site to capture the day...check out some pics!


Megan (seen below) our station promo girl, who is rarely anywhere else other than the front row, captures the day.

Megan, CYY promo girl
Waterfront Concerts

It was an overcast breezy day and then the sun came out to warm things up until the evening. Crowds lined up for hours before the gates opened at noon in anticipation to seeing the bands perform. The Butcher Babies opened up on the SAVE stage and ordered the fans to crowd surf to see how many high fives they could get from the fans as security passed them over the rail. Jacoby from Papa Roach crowd surfed. He also ended up praying with a fan, although I'm not sure how that all came about.  Slash and Myles Kennedy really got the crowd going as they were third to last to perform. They broke out some old GN'R classics. Sweet Child, Paradise City, Night Train, along with the new one Bent to Fly and of course Anastasia. Seether opened with their set with Gasoline and just killed it from there on out with the new single Nobody Praying for Me, Fine Again, Rise Above This and closed out with Remedy. Godsmack opened up with 1000hp, played the bands new single What's Next and of course the fan favorites Crying Like a Bitch, Voodoo etc. Sully and Shannon from Godsmack did an amazing drum duel. Sully mentioned he was starting to get sick and that he was attempting to save his voice. The drum set split apart and moved around on the stage for the both of them until they were facing each other. If you've seen Godsmack before, you know Sully sometimes likes to play a game by throwing solo cups full of beer into the crowd and counting to see how many cups were caught upright. Only one made it. He also had a photographer taking video of the crowd that could potentially end up as footage in the Godsmack documentary they are filming now. It was so amazing and painful from the 12 hours of standing but worth it!

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