When the summer hits in Maine, people are always looking for a few ways to cool down. A quick visit to the ocean, a swimming hole or maybe just spending the afternoon in some air conditioning are always options. But what if you could mix your sense of adventure with some amazingly cool temperatures? You can...by exploring the Debsconeag Ice Caves right outside Millinocket.

The ice caves are located on a preserve, and is only accessed by a 1-mile long trail from the road. The trail is listed with moderate difficulty, so be advised. But if you decide to undertake the journey, your reward will be something that you probably didn't even know existed in Maine.

If you're looking to truly explore the ice caves, you'll need to be properly equipped. MaineTrailFinder suggests the proper equipment necessary for a safe adventure. The best time to visit is during the hottest summer months, July and August. During the spring and fall, the ice caves truly live up to their name and can be too icy and slippery to gain safe access.

If the ice caves prove to be too challenging, there's another gem that makes the trip worth your time. There's a side trail on your way to the ice caves that leads to the incredible Debsconeag lake, which won't disappoint.

Because the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area is a preserve, there are some very specific guidelines that need to be followed. You can find them here.

HOW TO GET THERE: Follow the Golden Road in Millinocket for roughly 18 miles. Cross over Abol Bridge and then take a left onto the dirt road. Follow that road for 3 miles before bearing left at a split in the road. There should be a parking lot on your right. There will be a trail from the parking area that is blue blazed. As long as you follow the blue blazed trail, you'll find the ice caves.



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