So what can Rocco crush?

Rocco is a Maine lobster and loves to use his claw to crush things. Well, at least that's what I'm getting from Mainely Lobster TikToks. Not a lot of information on Rocco except the question...Can Rocco Crush It? Well, let's find out. Can Rocco crush an iPhone?

Good job Rocco. But what about a Galaxy S7?

By the way, between the iPhone and Galaxy S7, almost 2.5 million people watched Rocco. This may be why Rocco has his own clothing line through Mainely Clothing. If you watch the TikToks, you will see that you can get your own Rocco merch.

Mainely Clothing
Mainely Clothing

I think the owners of Rocco might be on to something. I mean, the longer Rocco crushes things the longer he stays off your dinner table too! What else can Rocco crush? Can he crush the Staples 'Easy' Button?


Here's the thing about Rocco. You are either a fan of him crushing things, or you think that maybe they should leave the poor guy alone. I might be leaning toward leaving him be. Or, tell me more about his awesome life NOT crushing things. Does he have like a huge section of the ocean just for him with a ton of food he doesn't have to get from a trap?

Whoever owns Rocco better not let PETA catch wind of this. They don't like us eating lobsters, they sure as hell won't like us playing 'crush it' with them. I know that someone's finger was caught a little in the Galaxy S7 crush. One of these days, if Rocco shows he can crush fingers, that could be the end of Rocco's TikTok career.

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