You see a lot of Christmas trees this time of year, but not a whole lot of lobster trap trees.


Ya gotta go to Rockland for that honor! According to the Bangor Daily News, Rockland has done a lobster trap tree for about 25 years. It's all part of Rockland's Festival of Lights that happens from Black Friday through Christmas.

Tracy Madigan-Shepard/Facebook

It makes sense. I mean, Rockland is the home of the Maine Lobster Festival and has even been called the lobster capital of the world. Not sure who is calling it that, but it's been noted.

What does it take to get a lobster trap tree up? 155 traps, 2,500 lights, 600 feet of garland, over a 100 buoys and a ton of zip ties. Don't skimp on the zip ties!

It ends up being around 40 feet tall and and quite the sight!

Tracy Madigan-Shepard/Facebook

Who builds this huge tree? It's 100% put together by volunteers, including people from Rockland’s U.S. Coast Guard base and the Bolduc Correctional Facility. Now that's what the season is all about...