Despite being public enemy #1, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell plans to return to New England for the first time since the "deflategate" saga unfolded. 

Kind of felt like you were ducking us Rog. According to Ian Rapoport, the NFL Commish will make his long awaited return to Gillette Stadium in 2017, presumably to witness the Patriots unveil their latest world championship banner. But if Goodell thinks time heals all wounds, well, he better think again.

The chances are good that Goodell knows he'll be taunted and booed throughout the pregame, actual game and post game by irate Patriots fans. While Tom Brady may pretend to forgive and forget, hardcore Pats fans refuse to let bigons be bigons. They'll opt instead for insults and ridicule. It just feels better that way.

But Goodell knew he couldn't skip the trips to Foxborough forever. After all, the Patriots remain the NFL's most elite franchise, with no end in sight. So get ready Patriots fans, for the long awaited return of the buffoon commissioner himself, Roger Goodell, will finally happen. His first visit to Tom Brady's stomping grounds since Goodell and his goons invented fake news to sack the Patriots and their prestigious quarterback.

Sounds like a pretty hot ticket, right?

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