Here in Maine, we really do appreciate nature, as it's all around us. I think that's one of the best things about our state. However, on occasion, we do need to be reminded that nature can be dangerous, too.

In what sounds like a scene left out of Hitchcock's "The Birds'", CBS news reports that an owl in the New Gloucester area has been attacking local skiers. Pineland Farms, close to where the aggressive owl is presumed to reside, recently took to Facebook to issue this warning:

Pineland believes that it's either a barrel owl or a great horned owl that is making all the ruckus. They believe it to be protecting a nest near the ski trails. They also advise users of the trails to wear a hat or helmet, carry an umbrella, or wave your arms above your head to protect yourself from incoming attacks. Most worrysome, however, is that owls attack silently - you won't hear it coming if one's swooping down at you.

Be careful everyone!

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