If you've visited Thompson's Point in Portland any time recently, you know there has been a lot going on in that little nook of the city. Thompson's Point has seen some construction projects with the Children's Museum of Maine being built and the Rink at Thompson's Point currently undergoing renovations. While the property continues to build, it'll move forward without one notable business, as Rosemont Market and Wine Bar has announced on Instagram that they will be closing their Thompson's Point location permanently.

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Rosemont Market and Wine Bar has spent a little over a year and a half at Thompson's Point on the same strip that includes Stroudwater Distillery, Rwanda Bean Coffee, and Bissell Brothers Brewing. In their heartfelt social media post, Rosemont states that they're closing their location at Thompson's Point to "allocate their resources from this location towards their other 7 neighborhood markets". Rosemont currently operates 3 markets in Portland and one in Yarmouth, Falmouth, Scarborough, and Cape Elizabeth, respectively.

The loss of Rosemont Market and Wine Bar is the second announced departure from Thompson's Point this year. Several weeks ago, the most peculiar museum in Maine, the International Cryptozoology museum, announced it would be leaving Thompson's Point and Portland altogether when their lease is up. 

For those who have visited Rosemont Market at Thompson's Point and enjoyed the food and wine pairings, the establishment plans on bringing that same program to several of their markets in the not-too-distant future.


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