Saddleback Ski Resort had its charm, smaller than its nearby counterpart Sugarloaf and filled it family charm that made it attractive to plenty of skiers and boarders of all ages. But as time went on, improvements to Saddleback clearly needed to be made and without the funding to make them, the mountain needed to be sold. And according to the Portland Press Herald, that has finally happened.

The new owner is the Majella Group, an Australian development company that promised at a press conference to "transform Saddleback into the premier ski resort in North America". The new buyer also promised that similar to its counterparts and competition in Maine, Sugarloaf and Sunday River, Saddleback will become a four-season resort.

Does this mean Saddleback will be open for the 2017-2018 season? Probably. But there were no guarantees thrown down at the presser today. Instead, it was promised that Saddleback will get to work on improving and then delivering the "experience that all of you deserve".

With the sale of the resort fresh, there are no concrete announcements on what improvements and advancements that the resort is planning. Those will likely follow in the coming weeks and months. For now, skiers and boarders can be prepared to have Maine's third largest mountain back again as an option very, very soon.

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