Saddleback is back
Saddleback Ski Resort had its charm, smaller than its nearby counterpart Sugarloaf and filled it family charm that made it attractive to plenty of skiers and boarders of all ages. But as time went on, improvements to Saddleback clearly needed to be made and without the funding to make them, the moun…
An Amazing Google Earth Flyover of Maine [VIDEO]
Get ready to get a tour of our great state like you've never had before. This amazing Google Earth flyover will take you all over Maine in under five minutes. You'll get amazing perspective on places like:

Fort Gorges
Thomas Hill Standpipe in Bangor
The Portland Museum of Art
Sunday River and Sugarloaf
Hit the Slopes!
After last week's snow storm and all of the snow making at Sunday River and Sugarloaf, Maine's 2014-2015 ski and snowboard season is officially way under way!