You can't blamed for thinking about beaches and barbecues, for putting away those shovels and snowblowers in favor of patio sets and lawnmowers. But before you mentally check out of winter and into spring, Mother Nature wants to remind that it is her, and only her, that makes all the decisions.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, there's an unfortunate storm that is moving up the east coast. Initial models of the storm had it staying out to sea, but now those models are bringing it back in and it's likely to leave a portion of Maine dealing with some heavy, wet snow on Wednesday.

How much of it? Well if you believe Carson's tweet, it could be substantial for some. Those right on the coastline could see a few inches, others could see just enough to scowl and grumble things under their breath that we can't write.

So we'll pause spring for one Wednesday morning in April, and then resume afterwards. You can show up anytime now 60 degree weather. Anytime!

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