Back in October, people couldn't believe that Applebee's rolled out a drink special of $1 margaritas for the entire month. But as it turns out, the offer stood and after taking stock of how the promotion went in November, Applebee's is back with a whole new $1 offering for December...Long Island iced teas!

Starting on December 1st, all participating Applebee's in Maine will be serving up $1 Long Island iced teas from opening until close. The company has stated they wanted to help people ease the pain of a long holiday season while not breaking the bank.

So why Long Island iced teas? A spokesperson for Applebee's says that Long Islands are of their five best-selling cocktails nationwide, so it just made sense to make a special out of it. So get ready for that delicious mixture of rum, gin, tequila, vodka, triple sec with a splash of sweet and sour mix!

For's going to be a REALLY happy holiday!

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