It may be almost March but winter in Maine is certainly not over yet. That's why our heroes at the Scarborough Fire Department and Scarborough's Project GRACE are coming together on Saturday for a "Keep Our Neighbors Warm" Rally. Swing by the Public Safety building and make a donation to buy Scarborough residents heating oil and more to keep them warm. Because of the pandemic and so many people out of work, the need for fuel and warmth is so big. People are making hard choices right now having to pay for rent, food, medicine, and heat. Over 140,000 thousand Mainers live in poverty.  The Fuel Rally is a way to help. What a great thing to do for our fellow Mainers! We love the "rally" idea because that's exactly what we need to do for each other right now. Let's go, Scarborough!

From the Scarborough Fire Department Facebook Page:


Keeping Warm this Winter,
With Help From Our Community
That notorious Philly groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow earlier this month. Now we're looking at six more weeks of Winter... Let's hope he was wrong, and we're in for a warm AND early Spring!

Meanwhile, Project GRACE will be answering the call for fuel assistance. Thanks to early gifts, our community fuel fund is in pretty good shape, but not as robust as in past years. So we're Rallying to Keep Our Neighbors Warm on Saturday, February 27th so we can be sure to keep those furnaces running through the Winter and into the cold and clammy Spring.


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