What looks like a simple shack in the woods of Maine is actually a treasure chest filled with spectacular and peculiar finds for any collector of the bizarre. 

You kind of have to hand it to Elmer, he ain't lying to you, is he? Anybody willing to name their place of business 'a barn of junk and dead things' should probably have their temperature checked, but that odd name paired with the unbelievable trove of ridiculous items is exactly why Elmer's Barn is a must see.

Elmer's is considered to be an antique store by category, and while you can undoubtedly find some tremendous antique items within the walls of the barn, you're more likely to stumble across items that will leave you shaking your head. Have any need for some rusted out springs? Elmer hopes so. How about some old fishin' reels? He's got plenty. How about some really old black and white photos of people who aren't your family or friends? He's got them on the cheap.

Don't get us wrong, we aren't poking fun. Instead, Elmer's Barn rates as one of the most fascinating places to shop in Maine. Located in Coopers Mills right outside of Augusta, Elmer's is worth the road trip just to peruse all of the old stuff. Happy hunting.

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