A Maine teen was killed in a tragic New Jersey beach accident

Tragedy struck both Maine and New Jersey at the same time on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Toms River Police Department in Toms River, New Jersey, as just after 4pm police were called to a freak tragic accident.

A pair of siblings from Union, Maine -- 18-year-old Levi Caverly and his 17-year-old sister, were digging a large hole on a beach in Toms River near Seaview Road when the hole randomly began collapsing on the two of them.

As reported by NEWS CENTER Maine early yesterday morning, while Levi's sister was able to escape from the collapsing hole of sand, Levi was not and tragically passed away.

According to People.com, the Toms River PD and other local first responders tried using buckets of water, ladders, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery to aid in the attempted rescue of both Caverly siblings, but unfortunately could not get to Levi in time. Tributes poured in on Levi's Facebook page from both friends and strangers.

Maine weather this weekend calls for scorching temperatures

Much like last weekend, according to CBS 13, the weather this weekend in Maine is going to be another early dose of summer, with temperatures reaching the 80s with plenty of sunshine, which should be driving Mainers and people from away to the beach to soak in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather.

And while the gorgeous weather finally rolling into Vacationland is something to celebrate, the tragedy involving Levi (and his sister, as she still went through the experience as well and thankfully survived) should serve as a healthy reminder to exercise extreme safety at the beach in multiple ways this weekend.

The obvious safety notes: Apply sunscreen regularly. Don't go out too deep into the ocean, especially when the current is strong and riptides are present. Keep an eye on small children (it's a scary world we live in these days.) And, be careful with digging in the sand.

Levi Caverly via Facebook
Levi Caverly via Facebook

In fact, as a hopefully helpful tip, in a statement released by Toms River, New Jersey Mayor Maurice "Mo" B. Hill and obtained by People.com, Mayor Hill suggests keeping any holes dug at the beach to a minimum depth, and definitely not one you can fully jump down into.

"Let me remind all of our beachgoers, visitors and locals, to never dig more than knee-deep in the sand. Doing so puts yourself and others at risk."

Our condolences, thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes are with the Caverly family in this horribly tragic time of loss.

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