You would never guess, but those Maine Cabin Masters are at it again. However, this time it's not a build. This one is a little bit more on the leisurely side.

How cool is this? Maine's popular builders will be hosting a lobster bake series at The Woodshed in Manchester to celebrate, well, all things Maine Cabin Masters. The dates are July 10, August 21, and September 11. They will all be held at the Manchester establishment. The Woodshed was an easy venue choice for the Masters, considering they run it at their official headquarters, the Kennebec Cabinet Company.

This is a tremendous opportunity for fans of the show to get up close and personal with their favorite cast member or two of the show. Chase, Ashley, Ryan, Jedi, and Dixie are all expected to be in attendance for all three lobster bakes.

The Maine Cabin Masters burst onto the scene in 2017. The popularity seemed to come right away. People couldn't get enough of the Masters' incredible rehab and revitalization projects. Seven seasons later, the show is still going strong today and airing on the newly branded Magnolia Network.

The lobster bake series will also include music and plenty of storytelling. Space is limited, which is both good and bad., The good news is it will remain much more intimate. The bad news? Well, tickets are undoubtedly going fast. For tickets, pricing, times, and other information, you can visit the event's website.

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