A rotary, or a roundabout, is a traffic circle. It is where everyone enters to the right after yielding to other cars already in the circle and then exiting the direction in which they want to go.

However, I have noticed one thing that is honestly beyond annoying and it seems that not many people know... how to properly drive in a rotary.

Listen, maybe it's just cause I was taught this rule in driver's education, maybe it's not, but everyone should be using their blinkers (turn signals) while entering and exiting a rotary.

Driving in Maine, I notice the common trend that people just don't like to use their blinkers in general, but it not only is helpful to let other drivers know where you are going, it is actually a law.

According to Title 29-A, chapter 19, subchapter 1, section 2071 2a of the Maine Statute, "An operator may not turn a vehicle without giving an appropriate signal if other traffic may be affected by that movement."

If you need help knowing how to properly use your blinkers in a rotary, let me be of some assistance.

First, you never stop or pass another car in a rotary.

When you are about to enter the rotary, use your blinker. If you are planning on taking the first exit, you can put on your right blinker. However, if you are not, you will turn on your right blinker when you get closer to the exit you want.

Here's the thing, if you miss your exit, don't worry! It's a circle, you will get back around, therefore if you do not have enough time to signal to other drivers that you plan to get off you have multiple chances to do so.

I hate to be the one to say it, but seriously Mainers, start using your blinkers. It is not only the law, but it helps other drivers on the road.

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