UPDATE: Multiple news organizations are reporting that 29-year-old Dale Tucker was being sought by police due to his alleged involvement in a domestic situation in Casco. According to WMTW, he made threats he was going to a residence in Windham to cause harm.

"Authorities spotted Tucker at the intersection of Roosevelt Trail and Route 35 in Windham and pulled him over. After going into a parking lot, Tucker took off. Police pursued him while he was driving away at a high speed.

Deputies placed a spike mat on Route 302 at the Raymond/Windham line. Tucker tried to avoid the spike mat, went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a car and a truck in the opposite lane."

WARNING: Graphic language used in this disturbing video.

A shocking video was posted to Facebook Sunday afternoon showing the end of a high-speed chase on Route 302 near the Windham/Raymond town line.

Tyler Bisson, who was heading into Windham in his truck, posted this video that shows police deploying a spike strip to stop a blue car fleeing from authorities at high speeds.

It's unclear why police chose to use a spike strip to disable the car while so many people were stopped on the side of the road, in the direct path of the oncoming vehicle.

WGME 13 is reporting that a 91-year-old man and an 82-year-old woman were seriously injured when the disabled vehicle crashed into waiting cars on route 302.

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