You know when you're really focused on what you're doing, be it work or play, and it rains outside for a little bit, but you didn't notice? You might walk outside and go "huh, why is my lawn wet?" Well, apparently that happened to Mainers this week, but instead of rain, we missed earthquakes. Yup, actual earthquakes.


Yesterday, WMTW reported that Maine has had a total of 4 small quakes detected this week, the biggest of which was a magnitude 1.7 that occurred near Lincoln in the early afternoon on Sunday. The others, spread out between Sunday morning and Wednesday morning, measured between 1.3 and 1.4.

The Bangor Daily News, in a fact they got from Michigan Technological University for a report about the same quakes, states that quakes of any magnitude under 2.5 are often not felt, but can be picked up by seismograph. So don't feel too bad that you missed 4 earthquakes. We here at CYY didn't think it was even possible to miss an earthquake because you're really into a game of Candy Crush, but to each their own, we guess.

Check out WMTW and the BDN's reports on this topic for more info.

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