So let's call this one a surprise, shall we? Not trying to dump all over Lewiston, Maine, but if you asked people across the state which city in Maine is the safest, you'd be hard pressed to come up with Lewiston as the top answer. There's probably a large group of people FROM Lewiston who wouldn't even say Lewiston is their top choice. But here we are, as WalletHub has named Lewiston Maine's safest city and the 7th safest in the country.

So how did WalletHub come to this conclusion? Their methodology includes three major factors: Home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety. There are a number of sub-factors that award points to any given city, and you may be surprised where Lewiston ranks high.

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So let's break it down: Lewiston actually ranked really low in home and community safety, which includes things like thefts, pedestrian fatalities, assaults, hate crimes, rapes and murders per capita. Lewiston ranked very high in financial safety however. Factors that are included there are things like foreclosure rate, poverty rate, median credit scores, unemployment rate, job security rates and rates of fraud complaints. Lewiston, like other cities in Maine, ranked high natural disaster risk as well.

So while it may seem odd that Lewiston is ranked the "safest" city in Maine, when you take a closer look at what "safest" means in this context, it's hard to argue. Lewiston is clearly a good place to put down roots financially, with low overall poverty rates and excellent job security.

Do you agree with WalletHub's findings?

Source: WalletHub

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