Let's face it, goats have become the rage here in Maine. You've seen the pictures or maybe even visited one of the farms that lets you get up close and personal with goats. But with goat popularity reaching new heights, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted this:

Shared on Reddit by CodyHart, here's the ultimate "we don't have a dog but we do have a goat" picture. Yes, take a close look and you'll notice that in the back cab, where you may expect to see a rambunctious puppy, is a potentially rambunctious goat.

The person who shared the picture spotted this in the small town of Brooks, Maine near Belfast. It's safe to say that rural Mainers have a unique way of transporting their livestock. We wouldn't suggest this as a safe way for any goat to travel, but judging by the picture, this may not be the first time this goat had made a car trip. Only in Maine, we wouldn't have it any other way!



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