So for the majority of people that tuned into the Super Bowl over the weekend, the entertainment factor was a bit of a dud. The game itself was a defensive grind and the halftime performance from pop act Maroon 5 left a lot of people feeling unfulfilled. However, there was one moment from the halftime show that started to go viral, when Adam Levine removed his shirt to reveal a canvas of tattoos on his body, including a large one that said CALIFORNIA. Since then, people all across the country have been "reimagining" themselves as Adam Levine. You knew this was coming for Maine...

Shared on Facebook by Brittney Thibeault, there's lots to absorb here. First off, we don't know who this fella is but huge round of applause for this selfless act. We appreciate that this gentleman decided to double fist the Allen's Coffee Brandy to really hammer home the Maine connection. We're not familiar with the back country maniacs but any promotion is good promotion, right? And while our native Mainer isn't covered in ink quite like Adam Levine, that just means there's more room for creativity.

So kudos to whomever you are brave Maine soul, thanks for the laugh. Just remember, he will be loved.


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