The barbecue business in Greater Portland has become a competitive game, with several new barbecue restaurants opening or planning to open in the next few months. Well now you can add another to that list, one that has built a strong reputation in South Portland.

According to Portland Food Map, Elsmere BBQ is in the process of finalizing a deal to take over the now defunct Siano's restaurant on the corner of Stevens Avenue and Brentwood Street in the Woodfords neighborhood of Portland.

People that have been driving by the area have noticed Siano's with papered up windows. Initially, the belief was that Siano's may be undergoing additional renovations but instead, the location will house the 2nd location of the very popular BBQ restaurant from South Portland.

Elsmere will join Noble BBQ, and the just recently announced Uncle Billy's BBQ, as Portland's newest offerings for what is quickly becoming a crowded market. As of this writing, there's no additional information on whether Elsmere plans to do anything different with their Portland location versus their South Portland one, or if they just plan on bringing the same menu and experience to their new venture. The new restaurant is slated to open in late-December or January.

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