As autumn creeps in, more and more people are feeling brave enough to give themselves the creeps by doing something they wouldn't normally do the rest of the year. How does staying at a certified "haunted" bed and breakfast sound? Well, we have one right here in Maine.

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The Chapman Inn is located in Bethel under the shadow of Sunday River and for decades the B&B was plagued by strange going-ons. Guests and caretakers were unable to explain the cold drafts, faint footsteps, the opening and closing of doors and the most goosebump-inducing of them all, the female voices coming from empty rooms inside the inn. Several years ago, the Chapman Inn hired a paranormal investigator to answer the questions they couldn't and the results were simple; your bed and breakfast is certified haunted.

So who or what is doing the haunting? It's all in the namesake of the inn. Abigail Chapman was the daughter of the owner of the estate, William Chapman. Abigail was not able to make friends as a child until William brought home a nanny. That nanny became Abigail's only true friend, and when Abigail passed at age 16, her spirit refused to leave the house and her friend. The nanny, rumored to have become William Chapman's mistress, stayed in the house until her own death in 1957 and joined Abigail's spirit.

The Chapman Inn doesn't promise you'll experience anything supernatural if you choose to visit, but enough guests over the year have experienced the unexplained that they aren't afraid to talk about it. Are you ready to spend a chilly night with a couple of ghosts?