By now, most Mainers have had enough of the winter and are ready to starting thinking spring. But after a flurry of storms and a tough stretch of arctic air, it's easy to get stuck with the winter blues. But there's hope for spring's arrival, and we should get a taste of it this weekend as temperatures will FEEL warm all across New England.

Temperatures all week long across Maine will feel infinitely better than they have the past couple weeks. But keep an eye on Friday and Saturday as days that could be even more terrific outliers. Depending on how long rain and cloud cover sticks around on Friday, parts of southern Maine could see temps creeping into the upper 50's and maybe even crossing the 60 degree threshold.

Saturday will be sunny, with temps sitting in the 50's but instead of arctic air, we should all be feeling a warmer southern breeze that will remind most of us why we put up with the brutal, lengthy winters.

What the stretch of almost-spring will also mean is melting. Lots of snowbanks will spend the entire week melting down, so be aware of potential flooding concerns around rivers, lakes and streams.

Oh, and we already know someone will be wearing shorts this week. It's fine, we get it.


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