Has your power flickered in the past few weeks? Right here at our One City Center studios, we've felt it. When the electricity goes on and off, your mind always wonders exactly what caused it. Central Maine Power put to rest the cause for a significant amount of outages across the state of Maine....squirrels.


It's been one heck of a few months for a bushy tailed friends. The summer of 2018 has been collectively known as the "squirrel apocalypse" by some, as a large amount of squirrels ended up roadkill in their search for food. So perhaps it's only fitting that squirrels have decided to try a new path, one in the skies, in an attempt to not get run over.

CMP took to their Twitter account to specify that squirrels have been the root cause for power outages recently. They also not that rodent interaction isn't uncommon on power lines, but given that there are more squirrels in Maine than in recent years, CMP is experiencing more power outages.

Who knew that a bumper crop of acorns and pine cones would lead to all of this? 2018, the year of the squirrel.

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