Have you ever dreamed of naming a major spots team? Maybe you have something with a great ring to it, or you're like the rest of us and are dying to make a dirty joke out of a major sports organization. Either way - if you're a Mainer, and a hockey fan, you're about to be in luck.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the owners of Portland's upcoming ECHL affiliated hockey team will announce a contest on Thursday for name the outfit. In the article, they highlight the suggestion of Alex Cote, an Aroostook county native and former semi-pro hockey player: the Portland Seafarers, which would be a nod both to the Portland Pirates and the Maine Mariners, both of our former teams.

That's a good suggestion, but something sea related seems a little too obvious to me. Why not go for something completely out of left field, like the Portland Prostates, or the Southern Maine Muscular Matriarchs? You're right, maybe those are a little bit too out there...

Anyway, stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow! Read the full PPH article here.

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