One of Netflix's newest binge worthy series is the fantasy horror show Locke & Key. The series centers on a family that is forced to move from the west coast to New England. They take up residence in a strange house filled with mysterious keys and doors that unlock portals. There's something sinister that also wants entry to those doors the family encounters along the way. If that premise sounds like something straight out of a Stephen King novel, well, you wouldn't be too far off.

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That's because the creator and producer of Locke & Key is named Joe Hill. Actually, his full name is Joseph Hillstrom King and he's Stephen King's son. He was born in Hermon, Maine, grew up in Bangor and is now a decade-long accomplished author following in his famed father's footsteps. He used a shortened version of his birth name because he wanted to obtain success without using his father's name as a pedestal. It's worked as now Hill has multiple television shows and movies based on his works.

While Hill may have started his career trying to separate himself from his father, he's embraced the connection in recent years. Another Netflix hit, a movie called "In The Tall Grass", was written by both hill and his father. Hill also has another television credit to his name, the AMC series NOS4A2 which was based on one of his novels.

So perhaps it's time to brush up some books you didn't know had a Maine connection. May we suggest reading a Joe Hill novel?


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