One of the most magical places in all of New England is Story Land amusement park.  Since the 1950s, the small (managable?) amusement park has been welcoming families from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and beyond to the White Mountains.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

Even though the park, which was started by Ruth and Bob Morrell in 1954, has been aimed at younger kids and tweens since it first opened, one of the most popular events held at the park in recent years has been the "Nostalgia Nights".

Basically, these are adult only nights at the park.  They give you a chance to ride the rides, play some of the games, have a few beers, and listen to some live music.  It's like reliving the best parts of your childhood mashed up with the best parts of being an adult.

In a recent Facebook post, the park has announced they will be doing several more of these incredibly popular events in 2023.  This year's "Nostalgia Nights" will be on June 24th, July 8th, July 22nd, and August 5th.

Tickets for this year's events will go on sale on March 30th.

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One of the oldest, and most well-known, amusement parks in New England, the Glen, New Hampshire park was started as a small roadside attraction by the Morrells in 1954.  As the story goes, Bob Morell had fallen in love with the fairytales of children's stories of Europe while stationed there when he was in the military.  That love was the inspiration for what Story Land eventually became.

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