As someone who wants to gatekeep her state but gets paid to write about how incredible it is, I am constantly balancing on a tightrope.

I don’t want more people to move here or for our summers to be oversaturated with annoying tourists but I’m also proud of the international recognition we have been receiving on a regular basis.

From our rocky shores, beautiful scenery, and top-rated culinary scene, Maine has really made a name for itself.

Maine Coastal Inns Featured in Forbes

Forbes recently released a short article on some random travel recommendations and Maine made the cut.

The article listed the world’s top 25 beaches, the best international cruises that last 25-59 days, the safest countries for LGBTQ travelers, and Maines coastal inns you should book now for the summer.

It’s quite a random list and is extremely impressive that Maine made it in its very own category.

Best Maine Coastal Inns

The article linked over to a breakdown of the three best coastal Maine inns that people should book for the summer of 2023. Their recommendations were the following:

  1. Chebegaue Island Inn
  2. The Pentagöet Inn in Castine
  3. The Claremont in Bar Harbor

As a state with an impressive amount of beautiful coastal towns, Vacationland has plenty of places to stay on the water. These were their top choices out of the bunch and for good reason.

Have you stayed at any of these places?

As Mainers, we don’t often stay in hospitality accommodations in the state we live in but Maine is also so massive and diverse in its landscapes that it can make for a magical weekend to get away in a new place even in your home state.

The Claremont is iconic but the Chebeague Island Inn is an extremely unique stay right on one of our Casco Bay islands.

No matter where you go, if you’re sitting on the coast of Maine then you’re in a good spot.

As much as I want to hide our state from outsiders, it is pretty epic to have our own feature in Forbes for best travel recommendations for 2023.

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