In today's version of "There is literally something for everything", we take a trip up to Lewiston, Maine, for a job that's some might turn their nose to...quite literally.

The company Scoop 4Paws was recently profiled by the Bangor Daily News. According to the article, the company has been on a serious uphill swing, which is always great to hear about a local small business.

At this point you may be wondering what this company does, and I have absolutely buried the bone lede. See, Scoop 4 Paws is a professional pet cleaning service for your yard. In other words, they come and clean the dog poop out of your yard.

I must admit, this is something I had never even thought of as a business. However, it makes a ton of sense. Being a dog owner for practically my entire life, I can easily say there's nothing worse than cleaning up after them, especially after a long winter. There can be hundreds of turf bombs awaiting you once the snow melts. It's even worse if you have numerous dogs.

This business is genius. I would totally consider paying someone to clean up after the winter, and it seems like I'm not alone. According to the Bangor Daily News, Scoop 4Paws had a backlog of nearly 150 customers by mid-March, all of them awaiting for mounds of animal excrement to be swept away from the yard.

Scoop 4Paws owner, Carey Zembas, told the Bangor Daily News that there's many reasons why folks use the service.

Almost all are residences where dog owners are too busy or infirm to handle cleanup. She will also clean barns and other animal messes. “This isn’t about lazy people,” said Zembas, who started the Lewiston-based business three years ago. “It’s a service of convenience, like a housekeeper.”

You will get no judgement from me. I think this is tremendous. Why not take advantage of a wonderful service provided by a local business?

The article also educated me that Scoop 4Paws isn't the only poop cleaning service out there. According to the Bangor Daily News, "a handful of companies have sprung up throughout New England, with playful names including Poopah Scoopah, Turd Herders, and Dog-Gone-It."

The Turd Herders. Amazing.

To find out more info, including services offered and rates, you can visit Scoop 4Paws on their Facebook page.

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