How Bad Is Maine’s Pandemic Drinking Problem?
It's no surprise to anyone that Mainers have drunk more during the pandemic. For many of us, it's the reason we are carrying around an extra 10 pounds these days. But the effects of Mainers alcohol use, and misuse, especially during the past year, have led to some unfortunate consequences.…
Booze Prices Going Up
If you've been enjoying the comparable prices of booze in Maine to other states, specifically New Hampshire, then you better stock up while you can. According to Scott Thistle of the Portland Press Herald, prices in Maine are about to go way up...
Beer and Disc Golf
As disc golf continues to grow in popularity in Maine, owners of courses are hoping to gain the same alcohol privileges as regular golf courses.
Price For Nips Going Up?
Lawmakers hoping to fix an increasing litter problem caused by alcohol nips have an idea that would increase the price for consumers.
The Drunkest Counties In Maine
I found an article that caught my eye on the website It ranked the top ten drunkest counties in Maine. In recent data, Maine sits near the top in alcohol consumption nationwide. These rankings are based from data from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps and their look at those s…
Liquor Prices Changing
Various brands will see a price decrease while other favorites will see their prices stay the same starting February 1st.