Back to the future

Portland Police Pull Over Delorean-Driver Excuse a Classic
Portland Police pulled over this Delorean over the weekend. You know, typical traffic stop. Except it was a Delorean, and we're guessing there are not too many of THOSE in Maine. I mean, how well do you think they handle in the snow?
What makes this routine traffic stop hilarious was the excuse…
The Last Remaining ‘Back to the Future’ Ride Is Closing
Back to the Future fans have been blessed with a lot of cool stuff lately; all kinds of sneakers, toys, Blu-rays and other ways to celebrate the recently passed 30th anniversary of their beloved franchise. But it’s now 2016, uncharted waters beyond “the future” of Back to the Fu…
Marty and Doc visit Kimmel
We expected to see Michael J. Fox as a guest on the big day. We got more than just Michael though....we got Marty AND Doc...and what went down is hilarious. Back to the Future fans, this is a must watch.