Fenway For Our Fathers

Brave Mainers Walking All the Way to Fenway Park Are Now In Massachusettes!
We have an update from the crew walking from Maine to Fenway Park. They are through Maine and New Hampshire and are in Massachusetts. Way ahead of schedule, and there's a good reason why. And the reason is Elsa. The Fantastic Four wanted to get ahead of their schedule as they know the remnants of tropical storm Elsa will be moving through New England. NOT great weather for a 110-mile stroll. These four brave Mainers are replicating a walk THEIR FATHERS did 48 years ago. All for a great cause-The Jimmy Fund.
Fenway or Bust! Update on the Mainers Walking From South Portland to Fenway
UPDATE; The crew got to Arundel, Maine yesterday. About 10 miles ahead of where they thought they would land. A nice first day! Today, they hope to get to Wells. The fundraising is going really well too. The initial goal of $20,000 has been blown away. As has the updated goal of $30,000. So now, the Fantastic Four are shooting for 40k for the Jimmy Fund.