We have to believe this is a University of Maine student that either has just had with school or just had with the daily grind, Either way, their license plate will certainly set them apart from a lot of other cars buzzing down the highway or driving around campus in Orono...
UMaine Degree Fail
College isn't easy. For many high school graduates, a chance to head to a 4-year university represents the first real challenge of adulthood. And after their lengthy journey, they are rewarded with a diploma for their hard work and effort. You just have to hope your degree was spellchecked…
Creepy Clowns Coming Back?
An odd discovery was made in the basement of a vacant apartment in Orono and was shared by the Orono Police Department on Facebook. As they were clearing the apartment, which the police often do to make sure squatters are not present, they peered down the basement door to make a bit of a startling d…
Tuition Going Up In Maine
After a six year freeze, the University of Maine system will raise tuition for the 2017-2018 college year. How much will it cost?

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