Hey CYY peeps!

I wanted to take a moment our of my normal blog duties to tell you that I have a record coming out today! It's taken plenty of hard work - from actually writing and recording the music, to deciding on graphics and merch, putting out an album of any kind of no small feat. Thanks to everyone who made it possible: Jonathan Wyman for the production, Adam Ayan for the mastering, Christian Hayes for the artwork design, and my bandmates Manny Urgiles, Kristian Terison and Chuck Martin for their phenomenal playing!

I'll be writing a series of posts about all of the hard work that goes into making a record over the next couple of weeks - it'll all be leading up to the record release show I'm throwing with WCYY at Portland House of Music on November 16th!

As for the record, it's called "See You On The Other Side", and it's up on Spotify, SoundCouldBandCamp, and my website so far, and will shortly be on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other major distributors. Take a listen below!

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