So imagine for a moment being stuck in traffic on a hot day in downtown Portland. Your windows are down and suddenly you hear tunes blasting. You turn your head and are stunned/perplexed by the visual in front of you. You're left almost completely speechless, except to utter "that has to be the sickest motorbike anywhere in Maine". Stop imagining, this thing is REAL.

Courtesy: Katie Thurlow
Courtesy: Katie Thurlow

One of our listeners, Katie Thurlow, was as amazed as we were when she came across the most magnificent motorcycle to ever wander the roads of Maine. If the multicolored animal head gracing the front of the bike isn't enough to catch your eye, perhaps the OUTLAW sign sent a couple shivers up your spine. And don't you even think of challenge this machine beast to a race. There's a reason why an airboat fan is placed on the back of this motorbike, that extra thrust.

Squint your eyes and take a closer look if you dare. OR, keep your head on a swivel as your drive from Lewiston to Portland. Unicorns are real, and so is this motorcycle. The SICKEST motorbike in Maine.

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