Golf carts have been an easy way to get around Peaks and other Casco Bay Islands, but thanks to a huge increase - and stupidity - new restrictions are on the way. 


There are two companies on Peaks Island right now that rent out golf carts. It's huge business since Peaks is huge for weddings.

But thanks to drunk wedding guests driving like maniacs, parents letting their 5-year-old behind the wheel and other super smart choices, changes could be on the way. According to the Portland Press Herald's article on Friday, June 2:

The Portland City Council is considering ordinance amendments that would require all golf cart operators to have driver’s licenses and prohibit anyone from standing in a moving golf cart or riding in the lap of a golf cart driver or passenger, among other new restrictions aimed at bringing the regulations in line with typical motor vehicle laws. The changes are scheduled for a first reading at Monday’s council meeting.


Twenty years ago, golf carts on Peaks and other Casco Bay Islands were not an issue or problem. But some residents (close to 900 year-round on Peaks alone) have said that people are just crazy. Some even playing chicken with one another - on golf carts!

So now Portland has to play Mom and Dad to the naughty children.

I guess when day trippers or vacationers head to an island, they don't think there are laws or rules. That's not my opinion, that's from residents!

I got married on Peaks Island. I used a golf cart. It was a life saver. I'm all for the restrictions and ordinances to keep the idiots from being idiotic.

Want to know what an idiot on a golf cart looks like? Then enjoy....

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