With summer finally (albeit gradually) approaching us here in Maine, it also unfortunately beings about the season for roadkill. It breaks the small, not-ice-cold part of our hearts to see animals that have been hit while trying to cross the road. If you have no choice to hit something, though, typically the rule of thumb is the smaller, the better. Given that, this close call caught on video becomes quite a lot scarier, given the alternative.

Originally posted by WCSH-6, this video captured off the side of Route 1 in Monticello definitely sends the band kind of chills up your spine. A black bear, wandering around on the side of the road, eventually goes for the crossing... In front of a huge semi truck. The bear DOES make it, but juuust barely. Watch the video from Channel 6 below:

In typical Maine fashion, the man taking the video, Jim Thorne of Carmel, exclaims "that was a close call there, buddy." A close call indeed, Jim.

Have any of you had similar close calls with big animals in the Maine wild? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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