Anyone who has attempted to buy a home in Maine in the last several years can relay two important things; inventory is lackluster and the homes that are available are soaring in prices. When those two factors collide, people begin to open up their search wider. Sure, you were looking for that dream home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, but would you settle for a much smaller place right on the water?

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Those are some of the tough decisions buyers are faced with in the current market with no clear outlook that things will be changing anytime soon. It's leading to people looking at what's available and trying to make what is out there work for them without bankrupting them.


Which means more buyers snapping up smaller properties. However, those smaller properties don't always come with a smaller price tag. According to, there are five properties in Maine under 500 square feet of living space that are all listed for $400,000 or more. Are they worth it?

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