As someone who used to live in Miami, I have ground to stand on when it comes to opinions on tacos. Maine tries to get the local taco right but I’m sorry to say, the tacos around town just aren’t cutting it.

Tomaso’s Canteen in Portland started slinging tacos on Tuesdays and they were such a crowd-pleaser, they turned the tacos into a food truck.

You have heard me rave about these Disco Jalisco tacos for months because they are worth yelling from the top of the Time and Temp building about. Instead of "JOE" the building should say "DISCO".

They are SO freaking good, I randomly send out pictures of them just to make people freak out about how good they look.

discojalisco via Instagram
discojalisco via Instagram

These tacos are literally sexy.

They’re colorful, they’re savory, they’re sweet, they make me moan biting into them. What I look for in a man, I find in these tacos.

Disco Jalisco Tacos Rock my World & Save my Life

For reasons I will explain later in life, I am currently in the midst of #MeghansChickenChallenge, where I need to eat 41 rotisserie chickens in 41 days. This was inspired by a man in Philly who ate 40 and since I am filled with pride, I must eat 41.

Well, I am only on day 7 and I am already slowing down. I WILL make it to day 41 but it is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. It’s not necessarily getting the bird down that’s the hard part but the fact that I am already sick of chicken.

My lover, my life, my reason for breathing, Disco Jalisco, reached out to me on Instagram and told me to bring them my bird and they’ll spice things up a bit and make a surprise lunch out of it.

Day 5, I was feeling weak. I wanted to tap out. But on day 6, I brought the chicken to Disco Jalisco at Tomaso’s Canteen and I was REVIVED.

The Best Chicken Tacos in Maine

I’m just going to leave this here:

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It speaks for itself, really. When Danny placed these tacos down in front of me, my cheeks legit hurt from smiling. I was so sick of chicken but I took my first bite and I was elated. I felt saved.


Miami had its ups and downs but the main thing I loved most about it was the food. I have missed it since the day I left but Disco Jalisco has breathed new life into me, has made me feel closer to my Miami dishes than I’ve felt since I left the state, and resurrected my chicken challenge.

Thank you. Thank you Tomaso’s, thank you Disco, and thank you Danny.


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