For residents of Portland, recycling is a way of life. You may be surprised when visiting other parts of this country and finding that recycling, and recycling bins, are a foreign concept. But recently the City of Portland has been receiving more and more complaints about the recycling program. The biggest complaint? That when bins are being picked up street side, some of the contents are spilling onto street corners and laws and creating more harm than help.

So with those complaints in mind, Portland unveiled their new recycling bins on Twitter last week. They're the customary blue color meant for recycling, and look a lot like your standard trash can you'd see around town. So what could be the problem? People really...

Keith Carson of WCSH-6 brought up an interesting point to the City of Portland, what happens to condo and apartment dwellers when it comes to recycling? This giant bin isn't going to fit inside their small residence. Portland's response was that condo and apartment residents can simply SHARE the large recycling bin. Good luck with that.

If the history of city life and sharing something has shown us anything, this is likely going to end poorly for Portland. Recycling bins will be overstuffed by one apartment dweller, leaving no room for another. These giant blue bins have the potential to become a point of contention amongst neighbors, which is something nobody wants.

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