We all know Maine and New Hampshire can get pretty cold in the winter, but have you ever wondered what town in each state gets the coldest?

24/7 Wall St. researched data from NOAA to determine the coldest town in every state and the results for Maine and New Hampshire probably won't surprise you too much. The data from NOAA they worked off of was the lowest average annual temperatures for every town in every state. This is what they found for us here in Maine and New Hampshire.

In Maine, the winner of the coldest town in the state is Allagash. Not the delicious beer but the town named for the river that it was settled on.

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Allagash comes in with an average annual low temperature of 24.5 degrees. It's average low temperature during its coldest month, January, is -7.6 degrees. Allagash also has 208 days out of the year that the temperature is 32 degrees or below. If you don't like the cold, I wouldn't visit until the middle of the summer.

For New Hampshire, you might first think Mt. Washington. Although it does get the coldest temperatures in the state and pretty much most of the country, it's not a town. The honor of coldest town goes to Colebrook, New Hampshire.

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Colebrook is in northern New Hampshire on the Connecticut River bordering Vermont and while it doesn't get as cold as Allagash in Aroostook County, it does get cold enough to rank as the coldest town in New Hampshire.

The average low temperature annually is 28 degrees. It's coldest month is January with an average low of -0.5 degrees and 196 days of the year it's below 32 degrees. That doesn't seem to bother the 2300 or so residents of Colebook though. At least we assume.