When it comes to weather, Mainers are often guilty of paying attention to only certain things. Snowfall forecasts and warm, sunny days usually grab us, but potential flooding warnings? Those often get dismissed. But as the entire state of Maine has been under cloud cover for over a week with plenty of rain coming along with it, some of those flood warnings became flood reality.

Photos posted by Timothy Verrill show some pretty significant flood damage in Lisbon, Maine. Portions of Bartholomew Street were clearly underwater, which included half of someone's driveway being completely swallowed up by flowing water.

Looking further down that thread into the comments and you'll find another astounding photo. Shared by Katie Creamer in the comments section, it shows a vehicle half submerged as water began rising thanks to heavy rain.

The Town of Lisbon is already at work repairing the driveway shown above and plans continue to help alleviate flooding in this section of the town, specifically Bartholomew Street. Unfortunately for residents, more rain, potentially heavy at times, is predicted for this week which could lead to further flooding concerns.

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