Girl Scout cookie season is here and for lots of people, that means big orders of their classic favorites. But if you're one of the unlucky people that doesn't have an Aunt Becky that works with this lady named Susan who's sister-in-law has a niece that's in the Girl Scouts to order cookies from, well, there's another option out there for you.

The Girl Scouts of Maine took to Facebook to announce that their Girl Scout cookie kiosk is back at the Maine Mall throughout the month of March. You'll find the kiosk adjacent to the food court by the carousel in all of its magnificent cookie brilliance. All the different flavors are there and they could all be yours.

So if you forgot to contact that guy you used to work with about his 2nd cousin's stepdaughter that sells cookies, go fetch yourself some Girl Scout Cookies instead of waiting for them to come to you. It's $4 per box and the Girl Scouts of Maine can accept credit card payment right on the spot.

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