It's one of the most coveted permits in the State of Maine. The Moose Hunting permit. And the lottery to get your permit is now open. You have until May 15th to sign up. This year’s moose permit lottery permit drawing will be held on June 9 during the Skowhegan Moose Festival.  One big change? This is the first year that all lottery applications are being taken completely online.

There will be close to 50,000 hunters in the lottery. Only around 2100 will "win."

Your odds of getting a permit in the lottery if you are a Mainer: about 1 in 93

Your odds if you are a non-resident: about 1 in 1332. Good luck with THAT!



Now if you have never gotten a permit there's some good news. You have some bonus points and here's how it works from the MDIFL:

Applicants are awarded bonus points for each consecutive year that they have applied for the lottery since 1998 without being selected and each bonus point gives the applicant an additional chance in the drawing.

Bonus points are earned at the rate of one per year for years one to five, two per year for years six to 10, three per year for years 11 to 15 and 10 per year for years 16 and beyond.

Since 2011, applicants can skip a year and not lose their bonus points. So if they applied in 2016 but not in 2017, they still have their points available if they apply in 2018.


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