We all tend to wonder about how many people live in our city, state, or county, and it seems to me that we always love to read articles about the size of our communities.

But I have always wondered what county in Maine is the very smallest.

Now, I don't mean the smallest population-wise.

According to maine-demographics.com, the smallest populated county is Piscataquis County with 16,936 people, based on the 2022 census.

I mean, it's the smallest county geographically, and surprise, surprise, it's not related to the smallest population.

What is the smallest Maine county?

Turns out, the award goes to Sagadahoc County, according to Britannica.com.

Maine-Demographics.com does list it as 12 of 16 for population size, so it is somewhat close in comparison, right?

Sagadahoc County became its own county in 1854, according to Britannica.

Where does the name come from? Well, I am thrilled you asked, because I found out that Sagadahoc's name comes from the "Abenaki Indian word meaning 'river mouth.'"

In case you wanted to pull out your tape measure, Britannica lists Sagadahoc County with an area of 254 square miles.

Did you know it was the smallest?

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