They became a familiar name following the release of their 2nd studio album, Dude Ranch, in 1997. This was then followed by a massive mainstream breakthrough album, Enema of the State, in 1999. They have remained a prominent force in pop/punk music ever since.

It's been 26 years since Blink 182 played in Portland, Maine – an event that remains a fond memory for fans who were there, while providing massive amounts of FOMO for those that weren't.

Mark, Tom, and Travis were riding high at the time thanks in part to the success of the single, "Dammit," which became an anthem for youth frustration. It was around the same time in March of 1998 when they would play their one and only Portland, Maine, concert at the legendary State Theater. 

If you were there, you may remember the venue was packed with amped up fans from all over Maine and beyond. They likely didn't realize that they were witnessing what would morph into a core band in pop/punk music, playing at a smaller venue in a smaller market: Portland, Maine. It's punk rock history at its finest.

It wasn't just the music that made the night unforgettable. It was the band's interaction with the audience. If you've seen a Blink show, you know that it is typically filled with random banter, humor, and spontaneity.

For those of you that were not there, I was shocked to find a video of the entire performance on YouTube. Blink fans, time to cast this to your living room flat screen and (re)live the night that was March 8, 1998 – 26 years ago on the day this article was written.

Blink have since performed at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor in 2016 and 2019, but have not since returned to Portland, making that one night even that much more iconic.

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