Just because I love looking at real estate, I spend a lot of time searching for properties that I currently can't afford.  (You notice that I said, "currently" can't afford... because ....  ya never know.)  Today, I came across this estate pretty darn close by in North Hampton that is the most expensive home in all of New Hampshire currently offered.  It has a name, Runnymede, which according to Wikipedia means;

water-meadow alongside the River Thames in the English county of Surrey, and just over 20 miles (32 km) west of central London. It is notable for its association with the sealing of Magna Carta, and as a consequence is, with its adjoining hillside, the site of memorials.

This property, listed at $19,950,000.00 has 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and is just under 10,000 square feet.  The address, (not that you can drive by) is 4 Dancers Image Lane, North Hampton, NH.

If the pictures are really what this property looks like, you can be transformed into a different time, get lost in each room and never have to leave the grounds.  It is located right next to the Atlantic ocean and is on 58 acres!

Here's more about the property according to the real estate listing:

4 Dancers Image Lane, its surrounding pastoral grounds and carefully conceived, beautifully built residence and outbuildings, constitute one of the most distinguished historic estates in coastal New England. The property is sited to take advantage of its extraordinary location providing ocean views, river and marsh frontage and extensive conservation land. A peaceful seaside landscape amid 58 acres of rolling meadows, pastures, lush landscaping and careful attention to detail offer a unique and multifaceted lifestyle unlike anywhere in the Northeast. The rambling property bestows equestrian, agricultural, farm, aquatic and rural opportunities, while providing private jet-access just 20 minutes away and easy access to Boston. Comprised of five individual properties located between Atlantic Avenue, Little River and Little River Salt Marsh, each element of this property invokes its own special character. Runnymede is a unique and exciting property for the person who values beauty, privacy and living the full life.

You could literally move your entire family in and never see them.  Check it out:

The Most Expensive Home for Sale in New Hampshire Is a Beautiful Estate of Luxury

The Most Expensive Home for Sale in New Hampshire Is a Beautiful Estate of Luxury

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