There's a lot of different ways to convey the message to strangers on the road what you're all about. You could have a vanity plate that displays a clever phrase or a single word that gives people a little insight into you. There's bumper stickers, a old school way of getting your message across. And then...there's what this person did. Plaster that thing all over your back window.

Shared by Braden Boyce on Facebook, he spotted a car parked at a convenience store in Portland that has a clear message. A message of a love. Something that person truly loves. And whomever drives that car really, really loves...sluts.

Apparently the person who drives this car has no worry about what their friends, relatives, co-workers or local media has to say about it. They love what they love and they want to scream it from the rooftops! (or the back window of their sweet ride)

For the record, there's never been a more perfect car to have this message scrawled across the back window. Never. Keep living life. Keep on loving.

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