The high winds continued in Northern Aroostook County today and pictures coming out that area are almost unbelievable.

Kim Osborn of Caribou shared these photos with us and on her Facebook page that look like something out of a movie. There's blue sky but the winds are still so strong that they can cover roads and bury cars in snow in an instant.


Kim Osborne

There have been reports of people spending the nights in their cars, abandoning them and snowshoeing home and snowmobilers unable to use trails because there is too much snow on them!

One guy tried to get out of his driveway by flooring it. That didn't turn out well.

Kim Osborne

The Town of Limestone posted on their Facebook page warning people that the wind can bury a car in the snow in seconds. The good news is the winds are dying down and the roads are starting to open back up, but many back roads still remain impassable.

Caribou is well above average snowfall for the season with 147 inches that has fallen so far. Normal is 80.2 so they are nearing 70 inches above normal and could possibly double the amount of the average snowfall in a season.

This is a photo of Kim in front of a massive snowbank. Look carefully and you'll see the peak of the roof and chimney of her neighbors house behind it.

Kim Osborn

Check out these other stunning photos of the snow up north in Kim's Facebook post.